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Joel McNinch

Joel McNinch is a licensed insurance agent with a focus on helping people protect their retirement savings. It’s his goal to give clients more peace of mind in retirement. Grady Group is a family-based operation, and so we treat our clients like family, too. But, we’re experienced professionals, too; Grady Group as a collective is in the top 1% of all advisors that specialize in safe money strategies.

Joel McNinch
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Prior to getting involved in this industry, he studied Business Administration at Western Michigan University, started in the telecommunications industry while in college in the mid 90s, and became a top executive with Excel & Southwestern Bell. He also spent the past two decades in the health and wellness industry, being a product educator on superfoods and weight management systems in order to help people with yet another very important asset their health and well-being. He’s been a top 1% performer in the wellness business for over a decade, has been named International Entrepreneur of the Year as a business owner, and has been named Man of the Year with his last international company. However, he shifted to this industry to become a partner in this business with his daughter, and for the chance to serve his community locally rather than traveling globally.

Joel is compassionate, outgoing, honest, and friendly. He’s also very detail-oriented with an exceptional work ethic. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying hobbies like hiking, watersports, and hunting down the best barbecue in Texas. Joel lives inĀ  South Austin with his wife of 25 years, Erica, who works as a wellness practitioner. Their oldest daughter, Emma, works at the Grady Group of greater Texas. Their youngest daughter, Amrin, is currently a student at Austin High. They have two dogs, chihuahuas named Choco and Bambi.

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